Entity for the Quality Assessment and Certification of Organisations Recognised by the European Union CIC


New QACE Director

Mr. Peter Hinchliffe OBE was elected unanimously at the Annual General Meeting of QACE’s Members in November 2021 as the new Director of the Board for an initial term of three years. The Board and the Secretariat welcome Peter, who is bringing to QACE his extensive maritime experience.

New Administration Manager

Our new Administration Manager, Matina Biniakou joined QACE on 1st September 2021. Matina brings more than 10 years of experience in responsible roles in different companies. Her experience is enhanced by her degree in Maritime Business and her on-going postgraduate degree in Financial Trading.  The Directors and the members of the Secretariat of QACE welcome Matina onboard!

Alima Kamara’s departure

After more than five years of dedication and contribution to QACE, Alima decided to embark on a new path and move to Canada. She will be with us until mid-October. QACE is glad to have you, and we are grateful for the support and goodwill you have shown over the years. May your new life bring you happiness and fulfilment.

QACE Chairman Christian Breinholt steps down

Due to ill health, QACE Chairman Christian Breinholt steps down as Chairman with immediate effect and as Director at the end of June 2021.

The Board of Directors and the Secretariat of QACE thank Mr Breinholt for his dedication and leadership to QACE over the years, and particularly for the clarity of his vision and resolve during the recent restructuring period, which has made QACE a more efficient and effective organization. We wish him well.

The Board of Directors at its 32nd meeting elected Mr Ashok Mahapatra to be the new Chairman. QACE congratulates Mr Mahapatra on his new position.

2020 Annual Report

QACE publishes its 2020 Annual Report. The report includes sections on the QACE Work Plan, assessment activity, assessment results and, in Annex C, the Collective Recommendations for 2021.

Completion of Restructuring of QACE

Following the retirement of the erstwhile Secretary General, the QACE Board of Directors split the Secretary General’s role into two, for obtaining greater efficiency in its operations. A new Executive Secretary, Mr. Anantha Padmanabhan, was appointed to manage the assessment and certification operations of QACE. A new Company Secretary, Dr. Nikos Mikelis, was appointed to manage the corporate operations of QACE. Both the secretaries started on their respective roles on 15th June 2020. The erstwhile Administration Manager, Ms. Alima Kamara, left the services of QACE on 30th. September, to pursue her other interests and a new Administration Manager, Ms. Latoyah Joseph, started on her role on 1st July 2020.

With the new Secretariat, QACE developed a new Administration Manual, which was published in August 2020 and also revised and refined its Quality Management System in a new version of the Quality Manual, which was published in October 2020. QACE also published its 3 new requirements (QRs) in February 2021. QACE renewed, in January 2021, the Certificates of Compliance of 7 Recognized Organizations, whose certificates expired in December 2020, while February 2021 began on a good note with the successful recertification of the quality management system of QACE to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The restructuring was completed with the development of a new QACE website.

Des Gutteridge Retirement

After 7 years at QACE, Secretary General, Des Gutteridge retired on 19 June 2020. Des joined QACE in December 2013, after 32 years at Lloyd’s Register. With the support of the Directors, he was responsible for ensuring QACE met its objectives as set out by EU Regulation (EC) No. 391/2009. QACE wishes Des all the best on his retirement.

2019 Annual Report

QACE publishes its 2019 Annual Report. The report includes sections on the QACE Work Plan, assessment activity, assessment results and, in Annex C, the Collective Recommendations for 2020.

New QACE Assessor – Abhay Shah

Abhay joined the QACE team in January 2020 following 20 years with Lloyd’s Register where he held senior governance, assurance and improvement positions at global and regional levels. Abhay has a background in technical performance. In that role, he was responsible for a transformation programme, that helped improve ship maintenance and reduce common deficiencies found on ships. This was achieved through a digitalising data related to port state control inspections and by producing a series of pre-port arrival pocket checklists, now widely used in the marine industry. He was heavily involved with internal and external audit and introduced risk-based and remote ISO audit methods.