QACE 2018 Assessor’s Meeting

The QACE Assessors flew into London for meetings to discuss the results of assessment activity in 2017 and to plan the 2018 Assessment Plan. Des Gutteridge, QACE Secretary General, says ‘the far reaching proposals that have stemmed from the meeting are a testament, not only to the increasing effectiveness of QACE activity, but to the team’s engagement and motivation. Read more at QACE Assessor‘s Meeting 2018



Top left to right: Tim Ho, QACE Assessor; Klaus Grensemann, QACE Chairman; Des Gutteridge, QACE Secretary Genereal; Gur Sarup, QACE Assessor; Alvin Shepherd, QACE Assessor. Bottom left to right: Dean Tseretopoulos, QACE Director; Alima Kamara QACE Assessment Manager; Mike Jennings, QACE Assessor & Hartmut Nickel, QACE Assessor