Our Objectives

Safeguarding internationally operated vessels and the marine environment through a continuous improvement of the quality standards of recognised organisations
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  • Our aim is to ensure to issue interpretations of internationally recognised quality management standards while taking account of the specific features of the nature and obligations of Recognised Organisations.
  • We will frequently and regularly observe the performance of Recognised Organisations and verify their conformity with applicable international quality standards.
  • We are committed to adopt individual and collective recommendations for the improvement of Recognised Organisations’ processes and internal control mechanisms.
  • We will develop and enhance a set of working methods and rules of procedures on a high level of professionalism and performance.
  • We are dedicated to act independently of any stakeholders involved.


Purposes of Assessments

Certification of the Standards, collection of data and enhancement of the legal processes
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The purposes of QACE’s observations of assessments conducted by ACBs of ROs are:

  1. To ensure that the audit and the certification processes are conducted consistently, to common standards and are being carried out satisfactorily according to the procedures of QACE
  2. To collect information in order to adopt individual and collective recommendations for the improvement of ROs’ processes and internal and external control mechanisms,
  3. To enhance the ability of ROs to identify rapidly and then correct weaknesses in their rules, processes and internal controls for the safety of the ships they inspect and certify.

Based on the observations carried out, and on analysis of audit findings and subsequent corrective actions, the QACE Board of Directors will issue individual and collective recommendations. The individual recommendations will be communicated directly to the concerned RO. The general and collective recommendations will be issued in an annual Report to Interested Parties.

Foundation of QACE

Founded 24 November 2010 by twelve Recognised Organisations as a non-profit community interested company in London
  • About QACE

“QACE – Entity for the Quality Assessment and Certification of Organisations Recognised by the European Union CIC” was founded 24 November 2010 by the 12 organisations currently recognised by the European Commission as “Recognised Organisations” – “ROs” – to the European Community Member States. The establishment was the result of the introduction of mandatory requirements in EU Regulation (EC) No 391 / 2009 on “Common rules and standards for ship inspection and survey organisations”. Article 11 in this Regulation requires the ROs to the European Community to “set up by June 2011 and maintain an independent quality assessment and certification entity in accordance with the applicable international quality standards …”.

QACE was incorporated on 30 November 2010 under the English Companies Act 2006 as a private company limited by guarantee that is a community interest company and is not-for-profit. The company has its office in London.

The EU Regulation states that the quality assessment and certification entity shall carry out “frequent and regular assessment of the quality management systems of recognised organisations, in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard criteria” and “certification of the quality management systems of recognised organisations”. The Regulation also states that “The quality assessment and certification entity will lay down its working methods and rules of procedure.”

The independent Board of Directors of QACE  has decided that QACE will exercise its mandate under the EU Regulation by conducting observations and assessments of the audits and certification carried out by independent Accredited Certification Bodies (ACBs) contracted by the ROs to the extent that it will verify and assess that the requirements of ISO 9001 and of the internationally recognised quality standards for ROs (e.g. IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) Requirements) are fulfilled, as set out in its  QACE Procedures.

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Financial Audit Report

Contains a summary of QACE's activities and financial statement for 12 months.
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QACE directors are happy to present their report with the financial statement of the company for 12 months to December 2019

Mercer & Hole Annual Report and Financial Statement 2019


Articles of Association

The Articles of Association set out the QACE objectives and powers, the responsibilities of the members and directors and QACE administrative arrangements.
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QACE has three types of procedures. The Articles of Association,that can be found here QACE Articles of Association, describes how QACE is established, organised and run. The Procedures are the operating procedures describing QACE requirements for the running of the scheme within the QMS. The Resolutions describe formal changes to the Articles of Association or Operating Procedures.